Real review you say?

Do you like Gadgets or Techs, but don’t exactly know what and how to look for the perfect Device for you?

Of course there will always be one or few Techie friends we can ask, but sometimes they’re somewhat bias on products and we hate that. So, yeah. We sometimes end up looking on the Net.

I happen to be that person. No, not because I have less knowledge on something I look for; I just like to see and hear what the Experts would say of the Products.

Yeah, Experts. But not all are good at doing their thing. I mean, look at Flossy Carter for example. His YouTube Channel consists of Gadget reviews. So, expect all the information you need to know and his Cat on the video. Yeah, a Cat on a “Real Review video”. 🙄

So what about this Cat? His Pet does nothing but trying to play with his Hooman. -nothing wrong. Nothing wrong IF He would say “This is my Channel. #Respect.” SURE 😑 But, a Cat On-Focus instead of the actual Device He’s reviewing and saying the Brand name Wrong; “This is the Hawaii Watch (Huawei Watch)” and Laughs…. How do you hashtag respect that?

When Asians wrongly say foreign words the World is like “Stupid Asians” but when Americans say Ka Ra Ti instead of Karate, Shi Ta Ki not Shiitake, Jow See/ Ho Zay not Ho se(Jose), Sam Song not Sam Sung… but what’s really crazy is saying Names of known Characters of King of Fighters on a Tournament incorrectly. They say Jury on Yuri, and Aori (Sound like Aorta) on iori. And oh! Ra You on Ryu. Thoughts anyone? 😶 Really, they can say whatever they want. Was that Respectable? Really?

I’m Subscribed to his Channel because I like his content. But, “disrespecting” Huawei by saying its name the way He likes isn’t acceptable to me, especially saying it in front of huge YouTube viewers. Internet is forever, so you have to be “Accurate” and True when uploading “Real review” videos.

Can Asians say Ey pol on Apple on YouTube and not get criticized by Americans? Can we? Note that I have nothing for Huawei. Also, I’m not going to Trash talk him because of what He do because I’m no American. 😒

Oh! I almost forgot. If you would upload such videos and think a Cat be on a Real Review video “A major go” so be it. Just don’t be surprised if you get Dislikes because some people don’t like messy presentation of what should be a Real Review video.

“A Man making mistakes is far more different than a Man trying to be funny by making fun of others. And “A Man without respect can’t be respected as well”.


Puzzled with the Rubik’s Cube.

Do you like Puzzles? Me, I love to solve Puzzles. But there is one I can’t solve. Its the Rubik’s Cube.I’ve always wanted to solve this Cube since then. I twist everything to get one side and can never do more than one when I was 10 years younger.

I just thought of having it, and solve. Thinking I can do it by now. So, Me and Kate went to the Grocery store. We bought our Stuff and was really happy to have my own Rubik’s Cube. I told her I never got this solved, and She said She can teach Me.

Heading home after having Lunch, She taught Me of ways on how to solve the Cube. I was… I never knew She can be good at something I’m horrible at. No, I mean, She’s really good at it. Just by watching her solving in pattern, and gracefully twisting each column or whatever you call that; She amazes Me. Haha! 🙂

I know I can solve the Rubik’s Cube someday, though it should be nowhere near this month. I remember Hard level Sudoku puzzle took me a month to solve when I was a beginner. Haha!

Right now, I’m still stuck on the Orange side, but will surely solve this. 🙂

Mobile legends fever!

It’s here! Finally, it’s here! The MOBA we’ve all been waiting for! MOBA game addicts can now play their game without the need of a PC, as Moonton released their first mobile game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA game available for Android and iOS devices. It offers 10minute 5v5 battle and Tons of Characters and Skins.

Now, this isn’t the first mobile MOBA like many would have thought. In fact, most -if not all of its Heroes are Copies of other Heroes. Skins are lamely designed and the Voices doesn’t seem to match the Characters. And since this is a MOBA game, there should not be Time limit. Really guys, if only you knew how great long matches are…

Anyways, if you love MOBA then I suggest playing VainGlory. This has the most beautiful graphics but lacks content. If you want true and complete MOBA then play Heroes of Order and Chaos. You can add me if you want. “Alamatth” without the “.

Grace ann.

Muli ko nakita ang aking Crush, este Girlfriend matapos ang ilang Linggo dulot ng Sipon at Ubo. Maari naman, kaya lang hindi ko gusto mahawa siya sa’kin, dahil sino’ng gusto?Dumaan kami sa Starbucks para sa paborito niya. Siyempre, kinuha ang mga Pangalan namin. Patawa nang sabihin sa’kin ni Kate na nagkamili ng pandinig ang Babae sa Pangalan niya.

“Hun! Haha! Grace ang pandinig ng babae sa Kate. Haha! Hay si Hun.”

“Hay nako si Hun”,

“Mmm? Bakit ako, Hon?”

“Wala naman. Tara kain na tayo.”

“Ok Hon! ☺”

Well, hehe. Natawa nalang din ako dahil sa mga tawa niya.

More Pokémons to catch.

Pokémon Go expands its list with even more Pokémons, as they bring some of Generation 2 Pokémons into the game.Over 80 New Pokémons will appear in the wild as you travel and look for them, making the game fun again. Globe even offers 100 Pokécoins when subscribed to GoSurf50. But, should this do? Will this increase Playerbase? I think no. This won’t do different. Catch em all, train your Favorites, conquer Gyms and what’s next? Nothing but your empty wallet.

Niantic should let players Trade items, and Battle in real time. These simple changes will change the game in a way players won’t feel like they’re playing alone.

I may redownload the game to see the new Pokémons, and look for Cyndaquil. But I don’t see me playing Go like I used to.

iPhone battery issue.

Have you noticed the decrease of Battery life of your iPhone? Does your iPhone dies at 30 percent? Well, not only you, but almost every iPhone users.

Like you, my iPhone’s Battery drains twice compared to its normal state. Though, the problem isn’t on the Battery, but the OS itself. Yeah, the issue came two OS updates later. Well, atleast in my case. There are claims regarding the same issue but even worse. Their iPhone dies at 70 percent- like mine, or even at 80. Some users got the issue 3 major OS updates earlier, and never got fixed. Wow!

Well, I don’t play games much, because I don’t see good games. So, limited to 1-2 hours of battery life is somewhat bearable to me. If you don’t, you have the options to just replace your Battery, or wait for the Hotfix. Though, we can’t be sure, but Beta testers say they saw Battery improvements in the latest Beta.

Should this fix the issue for good? No one can say.

That’s a good thing.

My Girlfriend and I went to the Salon to have my hair cut. Yeah, Been having long hair for almost 2 months. I certainly don’t like to cut my hair, as I want to have Ponytail like my Girl’s. Though my hair didn’t grew that much during that span, but it did brought me to an awkward situation where two guys thought of me as a Girl with her Beautiful and Sexy Lesbian Girlfriend. Yeah, they even looked at my face but still weren’t sure of my Girl’s statement. Well, until they get to hear my voice. Whut!So, yeah I get my hair cut and bought a Cap and be wearing it all day because I don’t like short hair.

I was already inside my Village after having Lunch with my Girl when I saw this Sexy-Busty Girl standing beside the Guard House. Yeah, sorry. My eyes can’t… this Girl looked straight at me. Eye to eye. Saying something I can’t hear. Not looking anywhere, nor talking to anyone but me.

The Girl clearly saying something, but I can’t hear a single word until I get close to her as I walk my way home. As I walk closer, I started hearing words like “Buti nalang. Phone ko. Akin na. And Hon.”. Wait! Hon?! Whut?

Yeah, I didn’t even notice she was my Girl. My Girl forgot her Phone inside my Bag after leaving the Restaurant. Haha!

“It’s a good thing you have Busty pair or I probably wouldn’t see you standing and waiting for me.” Bastos! Haha! She replied. I respond with Or you won’t have your Phone for the whole week if you don’t. “Oo na! Haha! Si Hun. Lalaki ka nga! Haha!.”.