Hun by Hon.

While sitting on a bench, my Girlfriend took my phone and went doodling. She told me she’ll draw me using Procreate pocket, and restrained me from looking at it until It’s done. She prefers to sketch me at an angle which I also want to see, so, I did so.

It took her more or less 15 minutes to finish the drawing, and was really excited to show me her artwork. I was surprised at how well she sketched me; of course not for the details, but for the fact that it is much more difficult to sketch on a screen than the traditional way which is on paper.

However, the picture doesn’t show my side view.

“Hmm… Hon, Maybe you don’t need any references at all to draw me. Don’t you?” She answered with “No, Hun. I have photographic memory. So, I don’t have to look at you.” With a 😊. “Drawing someone at an angle but with different result. That’s weird. I love you anyways. 😬”.


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