Stroking again.

Our House has been with us for more than a decade and half. Witnessing almost every part of our lives. – through negatives to the happiest Moments.

Memories come out when you look at each part of it. Needless to say that we likely want to keep each of them, although our House is old enough that it started to look offset. πŸ™

Since that, Mom wanted to fix the House, and like to renew it. So, Mom talked to us. She consulted each member to gather ideas. Me, Ora, happen to love sketching and The Sims addict, took my Materials to start drafting my ideas. -it’s a good opportunity for me, since I always wanted to build a House. 😊
I repositioned my room right next to my Twin’s, and replaced the vacant area into a Laundry room. I came with an idea of having a straight pathway beside each room, and repositioned the doors. My Twin and Younger bro’s room get extension since that’s what they wish. My Sister has her own plans, so I leave her a door at the end of the pathway. Master’s bedroom also got extended, and remodeled the CR and Powder room.

The Design is almost new since I repositioned the rooms. Giving the Inner House new structure. However, Mom doesn’t like my Design. She doesn’t want my room to be smaller than my current room, though it’s not an issue for me. And for the fact that she already had her own idea. So… Um… 😐
Well, it’s okay. At least I get to draw something again. Yeah, haven’t drawn for years.

Anyway, back to drawing board! πŸ€”


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