Me and Kate were at the Clubhouse watching people celebrating a Children’s party. Though not invited, we were there because it was raining outside.

The party was successful. Gifts were given, speeches and wishes were addressed. Families and friends were all happy, and all those crazy kids doing crazy things. 😊The party synchronously ended with the rain, and thus giving us the opportunity to get to play basketball first. 😃 Yeah, the court is meant to play with everyone, including my girl, only not when others chose to play 5 on 5 game.

However, the court isn’t playable as expected. So, we ended up buying foods, and walk around till the water dries. As soon as we get back at the Clubhouse, Kate noticed a small Rainbow near the mountain.

It was beautiful, and gets more vibrant as it gets bigger.

Kids obviously enjoying the view as the Rainbow gets to its peak.

Some rushed to the place where the Rainbow is; not knowing that it was in its final stage, and should fade out soon.

Although I have never seen a Rainbow close enough, but this was the closest and biggest one I’ve seen.


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