Madaya ka, madaya yan, daya mo!

I remember talking to someone about sharing her own Artwork on Social media. I met her online few years ago; her name is Diamond. -Of course not her real name, I just feel like not saying her name for now. Yeah, for now. Why? You’ll get it later.

We talk of different matters like Anime for example. I didn’t expect for someone like her to even talking of Dragon Ball. Yeah, I love Dragon Ball. This Super Saiyan, Fusion, and Ultra instinct… Yeah!

Anyway, since I draw Dragon Ball stuff, I show her some of my Artworks. Never knew Diamond could draw as She sent me pictures of her recent Artworks. Like most people, they don’t want sharing them online, for them not having much confidence. Me, seeing this kind of sense in drawing being not shown to anybody is nonsensical. Art isn’t to be contained just upon you for Art is emotions and expressions.

This is her’s

Simple sketch indeed but not similar to those who doesn’t draw. Her drawing is Anime-like which tells me a person loves Anime and hold its Pencil on a regular basis, you know trying to imitate his/her favourite character. Something I used to be back in the days. Yeah, I did convinced her to post them on Facebook, adding “For you who told me to share them online, here it is. Hahahaha 😀 so embarrassing 😀 :v”

Hmm… Seeing people loving Art but lacking confidence is for me to talk to them and give them courage or confidence and kind of being a movitation for them to continue and show people the things they love. I’m not of those ones who likes to drag some down to be on top or just be mean to somebody just because I don’t understand nor not liking his/her thing.

I’ve done this multiple times before, I mean not just to Diamond but some more. Just letting them know there’ll be someone who’ll appreciate You on what you do. I want Diamond like me in my younger days to feel supported exactly how my Sister did to me. Now, I’d like to thank my Sister Karen for teaching me this addiction and letting me feel “I can do this”. Til now you are showing what support means not just on a person but our Family. Never knew you possess such. Thank you.

Mmm… To Diamond, continue sketching, as there are alot of room for improvements, but stay in mind it is not only the quality of the Artwork matters but mostly its content. I know you can.

Mmm… Yeah, She did post them but yeah, She never mentioned me. So, yeah! Screw you Dianne! 😂 madaya ka, daya mo!



Ok, so I lost some of my Favourite Shirts just months ago and one this month. No, not really tho. It can be fixed but I need to wait til the ink dries up, and see if it doesn’t fade after washing.

Anyway, I, again almost lost my Shoes this morning. I’m wearing my new V neck shirt and Hairstyle as Me and Kate be going to the Mall to Shop for new Clothes and stuffs. Til I saw my Shoes weren’t in the Shoe Cabinet or whatever that is. I remember using it just weeks ago when we went to SM Mall of Asia with Kate’s Friends.

Mmm… yeah. Told Mom I can’t find my Shoes, or anywhere for I not putting them anywhere but inside the Cabinet. But I missed one place… or a Room should I say. Know whose room that is? Of course its the Maid’s.

Hell, what my Shoes doing there? Did you washed them? There weren’t even clean.

Hmm… Hmm… whatever.

Buti nalang nakita ang Sapatos ko. Kun’di hindi kami tuloy.

The Maid, My Clothes, a new Phone.

Now I don’t necessarily need to but yeah its crazy to have my newly bought Polo shirt got Bleach stains in it. Yeah I know its not of a big deal but hey, I just lost 1,500 Pesos.

I was stacking my Clothes preparing for tomorrow’s event when I see my 3-week old Polo shirt got stains on it. Told my Mom about it and asked what happened. She said She washed it along with White shirt but She didn’t put Bleach on it. Yes I know Mom would never use Bleach on Color shirts, so yeah. But the Maid put Bleach without Mom knowing. So…

A day after I saw our Maid washing dishes, I sliced a Cake, eat on a table and watching and waiting for her to look at Me, expecting her to say something. But what, She walked pass Me without a word. Not even “Sorry po, Kuya.”

Ok, I understand that. Just don’t make the same mistake again. Luckily I saw a Fix on YouTube which only uses a Permanent Marker. Ok, bought 2 of them and they cost Me 400. As they say I should apply on one part and see the result after washing the clothes.

Hmm… Ink didn’t fade, but got new bleach stain… Where? On the same place where I put Ink. Think of it, why should it be having another stain when my Shirt shouldn’t be Bleached? And why the ink didn’t fade when it’s Bleached? Simple, someone took my shirt out of the Washer and put Bleach on it.

Uhm… That isn’t the first time it happened, I have 3 of them in my Closet. And if you think that was it, well I’ll tell you some of my new clothes were also missing. 3 of them were my favourites. So, yeah. The Maid, on her first 2 months got a new Smartphone while Me losing 5 New clothes, including 2 Daily clothes. Yeah, I remember her missing for hours a day before buying her Phone. I mean, 4 Hours. She didn’t say anything like usual but She got Money after that. Anyway…

So yeah, Kung hindi ako mawalan ng mga Damit, masisira naman. Yeah. Masaya ako sa bago mo na Phone.

Real review you say?

Do you like Gadgets or Techs, but don’t exactly know what and how to look for the perfect Device for you?

Of course there will always be one or few Techie friends we can ask, but sometimes they’re somewhat bias on products and we hate that. So, yeah. We sometimes end up looking on the Net.

I happen to be that person. No, not because I have less knowledge on something I look for; I just like to see and hear what the Experts would say of the Products.

Yeah, Experts. But not all are good at doing their thing. I mean, look at Flossy Carter for example. His YouTube Channel consists of Gadget reviews. So, expect all the information you need to know and his Cat on the video. Yeah, a Cat on a “Real Review video”. 🙄

So what about this Cat? His Pet does nothing but trying to play with his Hooman. -nothing wrong. Nothing wrong IF He would say “This is my Channel. #Respect.” SURE 😑 But, a Cat On-Focus instead of the actual Device He’s reviewing and saying the Brand name Wrong; “This is the Hawaii Watch (Huawei Watch)” and Laughs…. How do you hashtag respect that?

When Asians wrongly say foreign words the World is like “Stupid Asians” but when Americans say Ka Ra Ti instead of Karate, Shi Ta Ki not Shiitake, Jow See/ Ho Zay not Ho se(Jose), Sam Song not Sam Sung… but what’s really crazy is saying Names of known Characters of King of Fighters on a Tournament incorrectly. They say Jury on Yuri, and Aori (Sound like Aorta) on iori. And oh! Ra You on Ryu. Thoughts anyone? 😶 Really, they can say whatever they want. Was that Respectable? Really?

I’m Subscribed to his Channel because I like his content. But, “disrespecting” Huawei by saying its name the way He likes isn’t acceptable to me, especially saying it in front of huge YouTube viewers. Internet is forever, so you have to be “Accurate” and True when uploading “Real review” videos.

Can Asians say Ey pol on Apple on YouTube and not get criticized by Americans? Can we? Note that I have nothing for Huawei. Also, I’m not going to Trash talk him because of what He do because I’m no American. 😒

Oh! I almost forgot. If you would upload such videos and think a Cat be on a Real Review video “A major go” so be it. Just don’t be surprised if you get Dislikes because some people don’t like messy presentation of what should be a Real Review video.

“A Man making mistakes is far more different than a Man trying to be funny by making fun of others. And “A Man without respect can’t be respected as well”.

Puzzled with the Rubik’s Cube.

Do you like Puzzles? Me, I love to solve Puzzles. But there is one I can’t solve. Its the Rubik’s Cube.I’ve always wanted to solve this Cube since then. I twist everything to get one side and can never do more than one when I was 10 years younger.

I just thought of having it, and solve. Thinking I can do it by now. So, Me and Kate went to the Grocery store. We bought our Stuff and was really happy to have my own Rubik’s Cube. I told her I never got this solved, and She said She can teach Me.

Heading home after having Lunch, She taught Me of ways on how to solve the Cube. I was… I never knew She can be good at something I’m horrible at. No, I mean, She’s really good at it. Just by watching her solving in pattern, and gracefully twisting each column or whatever you call that; She amazes Me. Haha! 🙂

I know I can solve the Rubik’s Cube someday, though it should be nowhere near this month. I remember Hard level Sudoku puzzle took me a month to solve when I was a beginner. Haha!

Right now, I’m still stuck on the Orange side, but will surely solve this. 🙂

Mobile legends fever!

It’s here! Finally, it’s here! The MOBA we’ve all been waiting for! MOBA game addicts can now play their game without the need of a PC, as Moonton released their first mobile game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA game available for Android and iOS devices. It offers 10minute 5v5 battle and Tons of Characters and Skins.

Now, this isn’t the first mobile MOBA like many would have thought. In fact, most -if not all of its Heroes are Copies of other Heroes. Skins are lamely designed and the Voices doesn’t seem to match the Characters. And since this is a MOBA game, there should not be Time limit. Really guys, if only you knew how great long matches are…

Anyways, if you love MOBA then I suggest playing VainGlory. This has the most beautiful graphics but lacks content. If you want true and complete MOBA then play Heroes of Order and Chaos. You can add me if you want. “Alamatth” without the “.

Grace ann.

Muli ko nakita ang aking Crush, este Girlfriend matapos ang ilang Linggo dulot ng Sipon at Ubo. Maari naman, kaya lang hindi ko gusto mahawa siya sa’kin, dahil sino’ng gusto?Dumaan kami sa Starbucks para sa paborito niya. Siyempre, kinuha ang mga Pangalan namin. Patawa nang sabihin sa’kin ni Kate na nagkamili ng pandinig ang Babae sa Pangalan niya.

“Hun! Haha! Grace ang pandinig ng babae sa Kate. Haha! Hay si Hun.”

“Hay nako si Hun”,

“Mmm? Bakit ako, Hon?”

“Wala naman. Tara kain na tayo.”

“Ok Hon! ☺”

Well, hehe. Natawa nalang din ako dahil sa mga tawa niya.