iPhone battery issue.

Have you noticed the decrease of Battery life of your iPhone? Does your iPhone dies at 30 percent? Well, not only you, but almost every iPhone users.

Like you, my iPhone’s Battery drains twice compared to its normal state. Though, the problem isn’t on the Battery, but the OS itself. Yeah, the issue came two OS updates later. Well, atleast in my case. There are claims regarding the same issue but even worse. Their iPhone dies at 70 percent- like mine, or even at 80. Some users got the issue 3 major OS updates earlier, and never got fixed. Wow!

Well, I don’t play games much, because I don’t see good games. So, limited to 1-2 hours of battery life is somewhat bearable to me. If you don’t, you have the options to just replace your Battery, or wait for the Hotfix. Though, we can’t be sure, but Beta testers say they saw Battery improvements in the latest Beta.

Should this fix the issue for good? No one can say.