Nothing but the proudest.

Mmm… Yeah, been blogging for days, things just popping out and why not share them.

So yeah, I’m glad seeing my Girl progressing into good. Been very busy in the last couple of months which kind of separating us for awhile. You know RDOTs, events, etc… To be true, I personally don’t mind that as long as it benefits her and her Family.

Yeah, I’m happy on what I see, She’s been a help to her Family especially to Roger preparing for College. The House, they are now depending on her; Her without an extra 7K a month would cost them their Food, Bills and others. It’s not like She can breathe a little and not worry for tomorrow. They need her for them to survive, that I admire of her for being such. Such an “Ate”.

Now, yes I know this is possible because of my Ates, my Sisters should I say. Its them giving Kate the chance to enter Call Center and be an Agent. Yeah, My Sister Bryanne been good to Kate as She was the Owner of the Center. My Sister Karen which was only an Agent before or could be wrong helping Kate to have an Account. Atleast that was what I know of her. Today, my Sister Karen is also a proud Owner of her own Call Center.

Yeah, that’s us. And no, She doesn’t wear Glasses regularly. Sorry for being messy tho.

I’m happy to know my Family has been great to Kate. She wear more Smiles than before; its great to see that. I wouldn’t be mad or upset or what it maybe if its for her and her Family: To see her happy, to see her and her Family truly progressing. I want to see not only her but her Family to succeed. And I’d be nothing but the proudest.


That’s a good thing.

My Girlfriend and I went to the Salon to have my hair cut. Yeah, Been having long hair for almost 2 months. I certainly don’t like to cut my hair, as I want to have Ponytail like my Girl’s. Though my hair didn’t grew that much during that span, but it did brought me to an awkward situation where two guys thought of me as a Girl with her Beautiful and Sexy Lesbian Girlfriend. Yeah, they even looked at my face but still weren’t sure of my Girl’s statement. Well, until they get to hear my voice. Whut!So, yeah I get my hair cut and bought a Cap and be wearing it all day because I don’t like short hair.

I was already inside my Village after having Lunch with my Girl when I saw this Sexy-Busty Girl standing beside the Guard House. Yeah, sorry. My eyes can’t… this Girl looked straight at me. Eye to eye. Saying something I can’t hear. Not looking anywhere, nor talking to anyone but me.

The Girl clearly saying something, but I can’t hear a single word until I get close to her as I walk my way home. As I walk closer, I started hearing words like “Buti nalang. Phone ko. Akin na. And Hon.”. Wait! Hon?! Whut?

Yeah, I didn’t even notice she was my Girl. My Girl forgot her Phone inside my Bag after leaving the Restaurant. Haha!

“It’s a good thing you have Busty pair or I probably wouldn’t see you standing and waiting for me.” Bastos! Haha! She replied. I respond with Or you won’t have your Phone for the whole week if you don’t. “Oo na! Haha! Si Hun. Lalaki ka nga! Haha!.”.




Here’s a video of me and my girlfriend standing in one place and turning 360 degrees. It’s actually the first video I shot with my iPhone, together with my Magnum selfie stick that Mom gave me.

Though, blurry because I used the front facing camera instead of the phone’s primary camera for its better features, still can show how happy we were during that moment. πŸ™‚

Now, I don’t really do such things, but seemed like her when I’m with her. Yeah, like being crazy. I’m not sure if I really possess such craziness. But I’m certain that I’m happy with her beside me. ☺️

Meet Kate.

Yeah, she is my girlfriend, and her name is Kate. 😊

We have been together for almost a year now, and are happy despite all the odds.

Kate is a simple, yet beautiful girl that is such a happy person. ☺️

She loves her family and friends. A religious person who doesn’t act way too much for being such. Um, yeah. πŸ˜’

My girlfriend is a hyper one, which makes her crazy at times. πŸ˜— -something Ora don’t see his self like one. But no, I’m not against them.

She is a beginner at cooking, as she doesn’t really cook out of the usual. But, hey! I love her cookings. πŸ˜‹

There are so much more to tell about her. but, I probably not to since she values her privacy. πŸ™‚

Take good care of your phone. Or else…

It has been months since I bought my iPhone, and I have to say I regret nothing for choosing Apple. Yes, Samsung products are good, and is better than Apple in certain ways. But, Apple’s simple yet truly innovative smartphone experience gets me excited than its competitors.
Don’t get me wrong, Samsung is on par with the technology we have today, but not really on innovation. Yeah, Apple doesn’t do things that are technologically possible. -Like Tim Cook use to say.

Anyway, like most iPhone users, I take good care of my phone because it looks fragile when it’s not. In fact, iPhone is more durable than most flagship phones. However, there’s my girlfriend whom I trust to handle my iPhone the same way I do scratched the upper left corner of the screen when we were at the Restaurant. Thankfully not the screen itself, but the protective film. 😭 but, its not good seeing a scratch on my screen.

And it doesn’t end with that. Few months later, she maltreated my iPhone again by simply placing a bottle of Sprite on my phone when we were sitting on a bench at the Clubhouse. Yeah, like using it as a Beverage coaster. πŸ˜‘

Though it didn’t get any scratches because of the case. But… yeah. 😣

Hmm… I didn’t get angry at her. Instead, we laugh it off because it’s crazy. We still laugh when we talk about it, and guess what. She almost dropped my iPhone while laughing. 😲

Good thing I have a protective film and soft gel case that my iPhone didn’t get any damages. But, we should be very cautious when handling our phones nonetheless.

Hmm… Maybe I should not be trusting my phone to my girlfriend. At least for now. πŸ˜†

Hun by Hon.

While sitting on a bench, my Girlfriend took my phone and went doodling. She told me she’ll draw me using Procreate pocket, and restrained me from looking at it until It’s done. She prefers to sketch me at an angle which I also want to see, so, I did so.

It took her more or less 15 minutes to finish the drawing, and was really excited to show me her artwork. I was surprised at how well she sketched me; of course not for the details, but for the fact that it is much more difficult to sketch on a screen than the traditional way which is on paper.

However, the picture doesn’t show my side view.

“Hmm… Hon, Maybe you don’t need any references at all to draw me. Don’t you?” She answered with “No, Hun. I have photographic memory. So, I don’t have to look at you.” With a 😊. “Drawing someone at an angle but with different result. That’s weird. I love you anyways. 😬”.