That’s a good thing.

My Girlfriend and I went to the Salon to have my hair cut. Yeah, Been having long hair for almost 2 months. I certainly don’t like to cut my hair, as I want to have Ponytail like my Girl’s. Though my hair didn’t grew that much during that span, but it did brought me to an awkward situation where two guys thought of me as a Girl with her Beautiful and Sexy Lesbian Girlfriend. Yeah, they even looked at my face but still weren’t sure of my Girl’s statement. Well, until they get to hear my voice. Whut!So, yeah I get my hair cut and bought a Cap and be wearing it all day because I don’t like short hair.

I was already inside my Village after having Lunch with my Girl when I saw this Sexy-Busty Girl standing beside the Guard House. Yeah, sorry. My eyes can’t… this Girl looked straight at me. Eye to eye. Saying something I can’t hear. Not looking anywhere, nor talking to anyone but me.

The Girl clearly saying something, but I can’t hear a single word until I get close to her as I walk my way home. As I walk closer, I started hearing words like “Buti nalang. Phone ko. Akin na. And Hon.”. Wait! Hon?! Whut?

Yeah, I didn’t even notice she was my Girl. My Girl forgot her Phone inside my Bag after leaving the Restaurant. Haha!

“It’s a good thing you have Busty pair or I probably wouldn’t see you standing and waiting for me.” Bastos! Haha! She replied. I respond with Or you won’t have your Phone for the whole week if you don’t. “Oo na! Haha! Si Hun. Lalaki ka nga! Haha!.”.