More Pokémons to catch.

Pokémon Go expands its list with even more Pokémons, as they bring some of Generation 2 Pokémons into the game.Over 80 New Pokémons will appear in the wild as you travel and look for them, making the game fun again. Globe even offers 100 Pokécoins when subscribed to GoSurf50. But, should this do? Will this increase Playerbase? I think no. This won’t do different. Catch em all, train your Favorites, conquer Gyms and what’s next? Nothing but your empty wallet.

Niantic should let players Trade items, and Battle in real time. These simple changes will change the game in a way players won’t feel like they’re playing alone.

I may redownload the game to see the new Pokémons, and look for Cyndaquil. But I don’t see me playing Go like I used to.