More Pokémons to catch.

Pokémon Go expands its list with even more Pokémons, as they bring some of Generation 2 Pokémons into the game.Over 80 New Pokémons will appear in the wild as you travel and look for them, making the game fun again. Globe even offers 100 Pokécoins when subscribed to GoSurf50. But, should this do? Will this increase Playerbase? I think no. This won’t do different. Catch em all, train your Favorites, conquer Gyms and what’s next? Nothing but your empty wallet.

Niantic should let players Trade items, and Battle in real time. These simple changes will change the game in a way players won’t feel like they’re playing alone.

I may redownload the game to see the new Pokémons, and look for Cyndaquil. But I don’t see me playing Go like I used to.



The adventure continues! It has been a week since the release of the Pokémon GO here in the Philippines, and got people crazy. Fans and newbie were everywhere, from searching to the unlikeliest places to the Parks just to catch a Pokémon, even the Media been talking Pokémon! 😆

The app got an update just days ago; it fixes bugs and errors, and tweak the rotation of Pokémons sightings in selected areas. Yeah, I was lucky to have my place get random Pokémon, and why not, the Village where I live is 50 minutes of walking away from the nearest Pokéstop and Gym.

Though, there is one located right next to the Motel. 🤔

I get to see some rare Pokémon like Charmander, Kabuto, Pinsir and Venusaur right where I’m at since the update.

(Although was unlucky to have no Pokéballs in my bag to catch Venusaur. 🙁)

I believe they removed or lessen the Pokémon in the highways. I only saw one Pokémon when walking to 7-Eleven.

… And that familiar “Oh?” When walking got me excited. Yeah, I get to hatch my Egg! 😋

I got Clefairy! 😁

I get some Pokémons evolved like Golbats, Kakunas, Pidgeottos, Raticates and my Jolteon! 🙂

I wish to see a Cubone very soon. 🙂

Pokémon GO!

12 Noon of August 6, while watching TV, my girlfriend sent me a message saying the game is here. Pokémon Go was not on the Featured tab of the App Store, not even in the Top charts, but can be downloaded when you search for it.

Was excited to play the Go since I am a fan. My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Red. -The first Pokémon game ever released along with Blue. I was able to play almost all the Generations except Generation 6. -The Pokémon X, and Y. But my Twin has them 😬.

Took me roughly 40 minutes to download a 160mb file because of the weather. Yeah, slight changes of weather condition could mean dramatic changes of connection speed. Reliability is poor.
Anyway, I finally met Professor Willow, and I wonder why him. It should be Professor Oak. Maybe Professor Willow is the Alola’s Professor? Pokémon Sun and Moon theory? Nah. He should be not. We’re not living in Alola region though Alola is based in Hawaii and he is certainly doesn’t look like Hawaiian guy to me. So, yeah.

Like always the Professor did mention to help him find and catch all the Pokémons. Though, We only get to see the Kanto ones or the First generation Pokémons. But rumors tell we will be seeing Generation 2 Pokémons very soon and it should be. The game might die if not.

Oh, I talk to much. 😅 back to the topic.
This is my character. Named him Oracruz. I wanted Ora but someone has it. So…

I get to see all the 3 Starters at the very beginning, and I chose to capture Charmander as my first Pokémon in Go. Charmander was also my very first Pokémon in Pokémon Red. ☺️ Sorry for the TV. Its a 15 year-old TV with live Filter in it. Its color changes by time. 😑
I also got Eevee laying down on the bed.
My girlfriend wanted to spot and catch a Pokémon, and we’ll name it Maki. 🙂 Luckily after searching all over the village, a wild Eevee appeared right in front of her. It took her 3 Pokéballs to capture Eevee; It got Quick-attack and Tackle and some weight! Its XL. 😆 We also got some usual Ratata, Pidgey and Zubat.
We tried to search on the street where I live but saw nothing, until two Ekanses appeared. Unfortunately, like anyone else we lost connection when trying to catch one.
We kept on looking til night and hey! There were so many people hunting Pokémon! We saw 15 people hunting in different places.
Overall, our first Pokémon hunting results in 10.9 MB of Cellular Data, 14,765 steps or 9.8 km of walking, and a happy Hun. 😬